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The application of anti-slip products T3.SLIPPY, T3.SLIPPY MARMO, T3.SLIPPY GRES allow to:
- adapt to Legislative Decree 81/2008 (Art.8.2.2) and Ministerial Decree 236/1989 (Art.63; Annex IV 1.3.2.);
- ensure a safe floor, reducing accidents in dry or wet conditions;
- obtain a coefficient of friction such as to protect itself in case of legal causes due to accidental falls.

For these reasons, anti-slip treatment is recommended for shopping centers, hospital centers, office and office centers, public and private swimming pools.
Anti-slip certification according to the B.C.R.A. method (Brithis, Ceramic, Research, Association).

Floor Slide Control FSC 2011
Our specialized technicians will be able to certify the anti-slip treatment thanks to the use of a computerized system, called floor slide control model FSC 2011, which detects and documents with a printed report, the coefficient of friction of the flooring in place, in real use conditions with rubber and leather heel simulations, dry or wet.
The scanned values are expressed in "?" scale 0.1 in relation to what is established by Italian law. Following the application of the non-slip treatment, our FSC 2011 floor slide control will measure and certify the new dynamic friction coefficient of the newly treated floor.

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A expert staff is at your disposition for doubt about treatment of natural surfaces